Thursday, February 26, 2009

I do not agree!

After reading the headline on tonight about the former Beverly Hills couple who now lives in Oregon on a farm...I just want to say...

Link to article

I thought these people have it awfully good considering that someone offered them a great piece of land to live on in the middle of beautiful Oregon.

I felt this article was very self-absorbed. The "oh poor me...I'm used to serving wine to my friends at dinner, now I have shovel poo." attitude really turned me off.

Well former Beverly Hills folks, I'm here to tell you that many people in the US right now don't have a farm or a travel trailer, or poo to shovel, or nice parents that rescue them from the hole they are in. Let alone money in savings!!!!

Your story does not evoke sympathy from me. In fact it made me mad.

This is just plain whining.