Thursday, February 26, 2009

I do not agree!

After reading the headline on tonight about the former Beverly Hills couple who now lives in Oregon on a farm...I just want to say...

Link to article

I thought these people have it awfully good considering that someone offered them a great piece of land to live on in the middle of beautiful Oregon.

I felt this article was very self-absorbed. The "oh poor me...I'm used to serving wine to my friends at dinner, now I have shovel poo." attitude really turned me off.

Well former Beverly Hills folks, I'm here to tell you that many people in the US right now don't have a farm or a travel trailer, or poo to shovel, or nice parents that rescue them from the hole they are in. Let alone money in savings!!!!

Your story does not evoke sympathy from me. In fact it made me mad.

This is just plain whining.


Davey said...

OMG...I just read that article too and had a similar reaction. I lived two blocks from Beverly Hills and choose to move to the country. No one wrote an article about us. I wasn't sure why that was even news worthy. They are very lucky to get out of that cess pool of a city. Big dorks!

It's me said...

I've noticed that article all around and the reaction is different nearly every time.

Some "survivalist" types don't like their former citified and materialistic life.

Some homesteaders like their sense of adventure.

Some farmy-types don't like that they're all "support ourselves" but are raising MINIATURE HORSES!!! (WTF does a miniature horse do to help you support yourself?)

I personally wish they had a blog so we could watch them sink of swim.

And I, too, am waiting for someone to let me stay on their kick-ass piece of property. Hasn't happened YET ;)

Anonymous said...

Sheesh! They moved to his parents 'sprawling' property...all 5 acres of it! And the woman thinks she needs to get more 'productive' animals, like cattle! I'll agree they're more productive than miniature horses, but she doesn't have a clue about raising them, that's obvious!

Secret Garden Supper Club said...

I wonder how minature horse might just come to that.

I have to chuckle do realize how little miniature horse poo is right? It's also pretty mild compared to say pig poo or chicken poo.

They ain't lived until they shoveled pig poo...

hehe said...

Why was that in the news??? I read it and felt just like everyone else -- what's the big deal about that?

I think that their blog would probably be very boring. Hasn't someone already done the "city person forced to move to the country" theme? I feel sure that I've read a few of those before.

I grew up in the country and so did my husband. We are unimpressed by people who complain about it. They can just leave.

That means more room for cows.


It's me said...

Can't find your email address, but wanted to make sure you'd heard about this... I found this in a local-ish paper and wanted to give a head's up

You can delete this post after you read it :)

Anonymous said...

It's all poor me , just another waist of time ,news print and space but that the media for you reporting on nothing that matters.

Meadowlark said...

HELLO???? {hello... hello...}

My, that's some echo in here.

Hope all is well.


Secret Garden Supper Club said...

I'm alive, but blogging at
and tweeting at rosemont_farm.
We have branched out a bit ;)

Anonymous said...

hehehe, all those whiney people out there need to GET A CLUE!

Anonymous said...

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Andrea Curzon said...

What a joke this article is... some people never consider themselves lucky no matter what.

I suggest they go spend a week in Baghdad or a month in Ethiopia and get a grip on reality.