Friday, September 26, 2008

Dream a Little Dream With Me :)

I’ve been dreaming a little dream for awhile now and I thought I would write a post about it so you can dream with me.

Currently I am trapped in a 8 – 5, M – F, I have to pay my mortgage/carpayment/buynewclothesforwork/payhalfmysalarytodaycare/eatoutbecauseIamtootiredtocook RUT!!!

It seems like everything we do costs a ton of money, and nothing we do is making us any happier. I assume that part of my discontent is the horrid state of affairs with our economy. But part of my discontent goes so much deeper.

Until 6 years ago I lived in the country. I had chickens, horses, a dog, and a huge garden. Now I am a slave to The Man and I am really unhappy with my current situation.

The mortgage industry failure has trapped me in my house. It’s hard to refinance, and equally as hard to sell right now. So, what is a country girl to do that is trapped in the city?

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately…my baby has turned one without me. He has learned new words, new skills, and bonded with a mommy who is not his flesh and blood. Don’t get me wrong, my daycare is wonderful, but she isn’t me. And I miss my son. I miss his smiles and his snuggles…and I miss holding him as he falls to sleep after lunch.

Here is my dream –

Call my parents up (who are nearing retirement and are overwhelmed with their farm) and say – hey can we rent your entire upstairs (4 bedrooms/ 1500 sf)? They say yes…

So we call the neighbor who covets our yard and say hey – want to buy our house? He says - yes I’ll be right over with a check (hehe – remember this is MY dream).

Then I would call up my employer and say – thanks for 7 years of employment, but I am outta here!

We’d have to prepare the upstairs to live in since it has been uninhabited for 3 years…
We would add solar panels for water heating and perhaps radiant floor heating. We would put in a woodstove that has the capability to heat water as well to account for the multitude of cloudy days in Oregon...

Then we’d fence, put up a chicken coop, and start farming.

I’d buy goats (for brush clearing and milk), pigs, chickens and a steer. For the fiancé I would buy a Donkey or a Mule since he has wanted one for as long as I can remember. I want a horse again someday too.

We’d bring our hottub and set it up to run on solar too.
I’d build an outdoor shower with nearly unlimited hot water that we could use from May to October all thanks to the sunshine. The shower water would run off and feed the gardens.

We’d put in cisterns to catch the 40 odd inches of rain that falls each year and then keep our gardens as green as can be with that free water.

I’d spend every day teaching my baby to love and respect nature.
I’d cook entire meals from items grown only our farm.
This is my dream and my bliss!!


MeadowLark said...

Beautiful dream.

Of course, the only reason we know it's a dream is this line "could use from May to October all thanks to the sunshine". Um, isn't that MY side of the mountain you're talking about :) Of course, the parents' farm may BE on my side, for all I know.

I have a similar dream. Shame that Husband absolutely LOVES where we live and has no desire to live in the country. GRRRRRR.

Heather said...

I'm struggling with my fiance with the same issues.
He is such a city boy and it's killing me!

My parents are between Portland and the yeah maybe May to Oct is stretching it hehe.

;) said...

Meadowlark cracks me up!

We share your dream and began working towards sustainability while living in suburbia. Then, when we moved, we ventured out to a property with three acres and far from any housing complexes or suburbs. We are inching ever closer to our future farm -- the one with room for cows and hay rides and horses and a HUGE pumpkin patch.

Blessings and thanks for visiting the blog and entering the contest!


Milkweed said...

Go, girl, go! You can do it.

Putting the dream out there is the first step. I quit my job 3 years ago and am growing food, patching together contract work, and scraping by and SO much happier!

I did it by renting out my house in the city and borrowing against it (maybe equity will be worth something again one day?) I hope the economic house of cards doesn't fall before I can sell my house, and before you can make your dream come true....

Let it be so....

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful dream! Now, what small step can you take to move you closer to it?

Farmgirl_dk: said...

A year ago I had no idea I'd be living where I am today...with 11 chickens, 3 donkeys (and more on the way)...your dream can happen - the hardest part is already behind you: you've visualized where you want to be and how to get there. You can do it!

Heather said...

Now that I posted this, I can't stop thinking about it :)

Yesterday I talked to my sister-in-law who works at the local market part time. She was telling me how her boss loves to try out new/local products...which started me thinking about what I could do to capitalize on that!!

MeadowLark said...

We just came back from a Farmer's Market and I noticed that the marionberry jam was marked (and selling) at $4.50 a jar. I totally can make that and for less than $4.50 a jar. Something for me to think about as well.
We all need to be thinking "outside the box", don't we!

Heather said...

Think of the possibilities!

Marionberry Jam
Blackberry Jam
Strawberry Jam
Gourmet Mustards
Gourmet Syrups

And then my other secret dream - having a herd of goats and making dreamy, creamy organic ice cream from their milk.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Mmmm....I'm with you on all the berry, fruit and homemade products. Sadly though, as much as I like goats and would love to have a couple as pets again, I simply cannot STAND the smell or taste of goat milk or cheese. Maybe you can explain the appeal to me. Someone was telling me about the heavenly flavor of goat milk and I recently went out and tried it again. I swear, all I could taste was the *smell* of my old billy goat, Rodney! Blech! Is this an acquired taste?

Heather said...

I think that all milk, whether it be cow, goat, sheep, or any other mammal, takes on a flavor from the animal's diet.

What you need to try is goat milk from a strictly grass or alfalfa fed goat. They can't eat any junk like brush or weird plants. It'll taint the flavor.

Wait until I have my herd someday. I will give you some homemade strawberry goats milk ice cream and hopefully you will change your mind!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

That would be lovely! I would LOVE to love goat milk products...

MeadowLark said...

Our local goat cheese farm is the only place I've ever tried that I actually LIKE the taste. I commented on that and they said it's because they absolutely NEVER let the females around the male goats. Well, um, you know, except that one time. But keeping them completely separate afterward is supposedly a major component in avoid the "goaty" taste.
Just my two cents. said...

Are you still dreaming? I came back by in hopes of more to read!!!

P.S. I posted a story start that I would love your feedback on.

Anonymous said...

Having been trapped a couple of times, I say start making those phone calls. Perhaps you and fiance could rent your current house and agree to give the farm life a try for a while. He might decide he likes it, especially if the current life is not making him happy. Personally, I would put a life that gave me more time with my kids and the life of my dreams over a situation that is described as "killing me", "trapped", etc. just to be with a man.


Heather said...

Lacy - I tried to figure out which post, but maybe I am an idiot :)

Anon - I imagine my fiance would actually really love farm life - he just doesn't know the joy of holding a still warm egg in his hands.

Heather said...

whoops instead of anon I should have said Ave!!

MeadowLark said...

Anyone home? knock. knock. knock.
hoo hoooooooo

So guess who is thinking about making and marketing (at least until we have peak oil and it no longer gets shipped here) pineapple-lemon jam?

Of course, that's probably about as far along as I'll get :) I truly am just a worker bee, and don't own (nor really care to own) the own-a-business (can't spell that entrepr...whatever word) spirit.

Sverige said...

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