Friday, September 19, 2008

A strip club in our neighborhood? I don't think so.

"Seeing Stars? You might (and not like it one bit)"

Community members organize to fight Stars Cabaret

By Jennifer Clampet The Lake Oswego Review, Sep 18, 2008 (2
Reader comments)
pictured in 2002 at his Stars Cabaret & Steak House in Beaverton, plans to
open a Stars Cabaret in Tualatin. * tag. */--> TUALATIN – Lake Grove and Tualatin-area residents have plans
to fight a new strip club no matter how stacked the odds are against them.
Busying himself with his cell phone, Claude DaCorsi looked up just long enough
to acknowledge that Stars Cabaret-Bridgeport expected contention.

What is wrong with this world when laws protect establishments like this? I firmly believe that places like this should be in a commercial area, or in a red light area as one of the readers commented below.

Our children walk through here to go to the theater or Taco Bell. Players (a fun family place) and 24 Hour Fitness are across the road.

There are two motels nearby that will certainly be the recipient of increased *hourly guests*.
Oh and there are not too many sidewalks through the River Grove area...which leads me to the fact that Stars starts serving alcohol at 11 AM. Just in time for someone to get good and drunk and run over one of our kids on the way home from school.

I hope that the threat of people videotaping the parking lot as well as picketing repeatedly, along with the huge public outcry, will deter this move by Stars.

I understand that they are a business, but they have no business where familes and children are.


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