Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Simple Christmas

Here is the email that I just sent my family today.

Hey all,

Well, October is nearly upon us. And with that, thoughts naturally turn
towards the upcoming holidays. This year I would like to shift our
Christmas focus a little.

I think we could all benefit from spending less, and slowing down.

It sure would make this year easier and cheaper. We could spend more time
just yakking or watching Christmas movies or something rather than preparing
food or cleaning up….

  1. Gifts should be useful, simple, non-cluttering, handmade, recycled,
    repurposed, thrifted, yard-saled, bought very cheaply (not cheaply like China
    cheaply, but cheaply like something really great found on clearance!) or handed
    down (ie no new gifts to the best of our ability)
  2. Wrapping should be re-used, re-usable or non-existent
  3. Food should be simple (I was thinking a giant pot of soup and bread for
    Turkeyday & Christmas)


For me - Christmas has always been a frantic, stressful time and I always spend too much money! This year we cannot spend too much money without letting the light bill slide, so change is inevitable.

I am glad to effect change in a bunch of people too, because I know they need to save money and time too.

What are you doing this year to limit your spending or use of resources this holiday season?

I am making the following things (hopefully no-one in my family sees this hehe)....


Pillowcase Purses

Cherry Pit & tea filled heating pads

Mustard Baskets
~~Hot Crackers
~~Spicy Mustard
~~Ale & Tarragon Mustard

Mocha Mix

Coffee Mix

Dill Dip & Dressing Blend

Ranch Style Dressing Blend

Italian Seasoning Blend

Cajun Seasoning Blend


MeadowLark said...

Think it'll work?

We're very lucky in that early on in our married life (over 20 years ago) we lived overseas and were very broke. Because we did not START the gift giving thing, it was very easy for us never to get re-started.

I know that sounds mean, but I've been told that's my middle name ;)

Actually, we do other stuff in excess... holidays are about eating and drinking way too much. But not about waste, if that helps. :) We're a leftover eatin' family!

MeadowLark said...

I forgot to ask about your mustards. Do you make them yourselves? I made a quite tasty Octoberfest Mustard, with a good, nutty hazelnut ale. If you do make them, please share the recipes!

Heather said...

I really suck at responding to people's posts sometimes. Sorry!!

I made MY mustard because YOU made mustard ;)

I hunted high and low and finally found an Ale/Thyme recipe which I tweaked to use Tarragon instead.
It's super potent! I will post the recipe asap...but I'd love to see your recipes too please and thanks :)

MeadowLark said...

Weren't you amazed at how easy it was? I thought it was so cool that one minute I had beer and mustard seed (and some other stuff) and the next minute... MUSTARD. ROCK ON!!! Do you have a good soft pretzel recipe? Although I suppose SOFT pretzels at Christmas might not be a good idea... hard pretzels would hold longer.

Heather said...

Here is the mustard convo between my fiance and I...

me - I'm going to make mustard
him - huh?
me - I'm going to make guormet mustards
him - uhm why? you can buy it
me - well because I like making stuff
him - ok (incredulously)

me (thinking - I'll show you!! You mustard nay-sayer!!)


Making mustard was so easy that I can't believe I haven't done it before! Crazy!

MeadowLark said...

It does kinda make one feel like a stud... something to slip ito conversation "Oh... that? I made it" or "gotta head out... I'm making mustard tonight" or "why don't I bring the mustard. You know I make it myself."

Simple minds are easily amused I guess. :)