Thursday, August 14, 2008

100 Things to De-Clutter my life (Inspired by Dave Bruno)

So I've been reading Dave Bruno's blog about living with only 100 Things.
I can't quite see myself getting there, so I am making my own '100 Thing' challenge.
Mine is simpler, but still very hard...I'm getting rid of '100 Things'.
Groups of items count as 1.
Each item will be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner, whether it is Freecycle, recycle, selling etc...

Here goes...

  1. Screener DVDs
  2. Boxes of VHS
  3. Old Computer Monitors in the garage
  4. Old CD Players in the garage - at least 2, maybe 3
  5. Bags of clothes
  6. Large box of glass bottles w/ lids (uhm…)
  7. Twin Mattress in garage
  8. Pile of scrap wood in the yard <-- DONE - given to a theatre group for set building
  9. Baby items (swing, clothes, carseat, toys etc)
  10. Unwanted books (at least 50)
  11. Bag of hardened cement that has sat around for 2 years
  12. Broken Dolly
  13. 2 sets of weird Mexican bells that I have hauled all over *sigh*
  14. Box of random office junk d├ęcor
  15. Bottles of old condiments in the fridge
  16. Bottles of old spices & sauces in the spice cupboard
  17. Old not so yummy noodles in the kitchen drawers <-- DONE, composted
  18. Grapevine wreaths in garage
  19. 2 wooden Swan thingys in the garage
  20. Broken cement chunks from pulling fence posts (about 6)
  21. Old Computer parts & towers in garage
  22. 3 cookbooks from previous occupant - not sure why I kept them
  23. Box of horse tack in garage (minus saddle ;o))
  24. Broken VCR
  25. Old TV in bedroom
  26. Ugly white bathroom cabinet
  27. Random, unnecessary DVDs
  28. Old digital camera - works great (+cords!)
  29. Old mop that was replaced by Swiffer
  30. Curtain rod from previous occupant - UGLY
  31. Random unused linens from Linen Closet
  32. Old leaky hose
  33. Misc. plastic plant pots
  34. Broken PS2
  35. Old broken bouncy horse toy

Ok that's 35. I have 65 more to go. My life and my home are over-cluttered so this is very exciting to me.

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