Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Here's what a truly organic garden looks like

I thought I would post some pictures of my garden (veggie and flower) so you can see what no pesticides and no chemical fertilizers look like.

I water the veggies once a week for 3 hours. The flowers get watered every couple of days, but the flowerbed was just planted in July so it needs time to become established.

That said - here we go -

The first picture is our new front walkway with our new landscaping. The rich black soil is merely composted horse manure and sawdust.

New Front Walkway garden

Next up are the Yellow Brandywine tomatoes...nothing, not downpours nor deer can stop these heirloom tomatoes!

Yellow Brandywine Tomatoes

Every year we have mystery squash of some sort. This year are some strange looking pumpkin type devices. It's like Christmas...with err squash...

Mystery Volunteer Pumpkin

Our neighbor dug a hole in our yard to get to his water meter. He never filled it in so we did with some nice dirt from an old Swiss Chard bed (died 4 YEARS AGO!!)...I guess seeds last that long exposed to the elements...I have never watered nor placed any poo around these lovely plants. I am however, planting more Swiss Chard there now and will start caring for it.

Water Meter Swiss Chard

Ahhh, the next item in my garden line-up is not a plant at all, but a little sweetheart who loves to touch and taste (nearly) everything in my garden. I couldn't let him do that if I used nasty chemicals.


MMMM Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes...'nuff said.

Cherry Tomatoes

This pile of plants are 4 Lemon Cucumbers. They are crazy big and producing a ripe cucumber every day now. We had a late spring so this is very exciting.

Lemon Cucumber Giganticus

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our world.


Melinda said...

Beautiful garden, Heather! Are the mystery squash plants the hybrid seeds from past squash plants? Too funny. The cucumbers look stunning!

Heather said...

The squash may have hybridized itself for sure! I erm spot compost sometimes in the winter when I am super lazy so who knows what happened!! If it has a chance to ripen before the cold rains come I will post pics!

I also need to post pics of my other 4 cucumber plants, I *thought* I planted them in a more ideal location, but they did not thrive like these did. I wonder if the fence capturing the heat may have helped? Lemon Cucumbers are so finicky. Sometimes I have had 75% or more of my plants die just because they felt like it. GRRR!

Milkweed said...