Saturday, August 2, 2008

I want chickens!

Our local city ordinance allows us to have chickens or ducks, so long as our neighbors do not complain.
Back in my stay at home mom days I used to have 60 chickens and about 8 ducks. I miss those eggs! I also loved being able to take the apple cores, carrot peels etc out to the girls and have it turned into lovely poo for my garden.
I'm trying to broach the subject with the fiance mainly because I have to sweet talk him into building the coop.
I've been reading all sorts of articles and blogs online about urban homesteading and off the grid living while still inside city limits.
A local farm has month old Rhode Island Red hens for 5$ each. And I think we could have eggs as early as November with any luck at all.
The hens would cost 20$ (for 4), the coop would be about 50$ (we already have some wood in the garage), add in feeders and waterers and we will be out about 100$ to start. If eggs are 2.50$/dozen for normal free range non organics, and 3.50$/dozen for the organics - it wouldn't take long at all until the chickens pay for themselves. Plus this would enable us to eat less meat more easily.
Wish me luck on talking the fiance into a few hens.

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