Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why packing a lunch for work saves gas

I’ve recently had an epiphany about a gas vampire in my life that I didn’t realize was even there.

The ‘quick run to the blah-blah restaurant for take-out lunch because I forgot to or was too lazy to pack a lunch yet again’ vampire.

In every other way in my life I have reduced my gas consumption! I can’t believe that this one was just hiding there in plain sight.

My car gets just around 22 mpg, but in the city it’s closer to 21 mpg. So for the sake of argument I am going to use 21 mpg as my benchmark.

At 19 cents a mile in town and 18.13 cents a mile on the highway – a quick trip out can add up over time.

In town lunches = 2 miles round trip or .38 a day or $1.90 a week.
Next town up the highway lunch = 12 miles round trip or $2.18 per day or $10.88 a week.
If I go home for lunch every day (I used to do this) = 20 miles round trip or $3.63 per day or $18.13 per week.

If you take into account how much buying lunch out costs ($5 - $7 here) and then factor in the cost of gas to go get it you are looking at a serious cash outlay every month for something that could easily and cheaply be packed at home.

Now that I have identified the gas vampire in my life, it’s time to kill him. Err tomorrow that is, since yet again I did not pack a lunch for work today!!! *sigh*

I guess putting a dollar amount to it will really help me…see top :)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a great point. People always talk about how bringing your lunch saves money, but I think you're the first to bring up the gas idea. Great job, Frugal!