Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Everywhere I look everyone is in a hurry. The cars speed down the highway, rushing to work, to the gym, to the grocery store, rushing to the gas station because they use so much gas rushing around that they have to fill up more often. They rush to work with a cell phone to their ear, and a wireless laptop in their bag. They rush through dinner so they can watch their fave TV shows. Or they watch and eat. Come vacation time, they log in to their work emails from wherever they are (which is usually home because they do not have the energy to travel). They usually also have a Blackberry and they answer emails mid-meal while dining out with their wife/ husband/ family whatever.
All this rushing buys us bigger TVs, shinier cars, newer shoes, and iPods, and cellphones and and and and and and and and...
I'm worn out just thinking about this life we lead.
We rush so much, that we also are dependent on others to cook, clean, and care for us. Those things that 30 - 40 years ago were the norm like eating at home and stay at home moms are gone. In its place we have kids that go to daycare, Pizzawhatevah delivering a heart attack in a box while we rush down the road to hell.

As a nation, and as humans we need to slow down and just BREATHE.

Nothing good will come of driving like a maniac on the highway just to get to work 2 minutes earlier. Seriously, in 20 years who cares that on Wednesday, August 20th you were 2 minutes late to work. You're alive. It's the heady days of summer where everything just feels right...why do you need to go 80? Why do you need to mutter under your breath if the person at the light in front of you doesn't gun it. Do you really need to ride their bumpers? What will it get you? Maybe a higher insurance bill!

This is a letter to myself, as much as it is to anyone who is reading.



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