Sunday, August 17, 2008

Homemade Popcorn

I've just recently rediscovered homemade popcorn.
I grew up with it and kind of hated it because it was a sign of being poor in my eyes...
That said, I'd forgotten how good it was.
I bought a 1/2# at Whole Foods the other day and made some from memory in a pan on my stove. It turned out alright, but I just found a recipe online that looks great. I will still use olive oil because that's all we have in the house.
I challenge you to discover for yourself how amazing homemade popcorn can be.
Oh and I should mention, it's about a thousand times healthier than microwave popcorn.
I'm not sure about the carbon footprint, but it seems like making popcorn on the stove would use a lot less energy that popcorn in a premade bag.
Seriously...go buy some popcorn kernels and make it.
You will thank me.
Cheers :)

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