Monday, August 4, 2008

Energy Consumption Thoughts

I’ve wanted to put a clothesline in for ages, but I’ve never really given it enough thought to figure out how it would work in our yard.
Most of our trees are just not suitable for stretching a clothesline between so I am in a quandary!

I do, however, wash my dark work clothes in cold and hang them on plastic hangers to dry (inside the house). I do this year ‘round and have been doing it for years and years!

Yesterday I had a mixed load of my dark work clothes, A’s socks, the baby’s dark clothes and a couple of my middle son’s t-shirts. I washed it all in cold and then when I was going to sort half to the dryer and hang the other half, I decided to hang it all instead.

Granted there are a bunch of plastic hangers scattered through a few closets and on the laundry room clothes rod, but I felt very virtuous not running the dryer.

The one thing I hate to line dry is towels. I hate how crunchy they feel.

I love line dried sheets though! MMMM they smell so good when you crawl in between them.

I just found this clothes drying rack from Gaiam. It looks like it is out of stock though! Darn!

This rack would be ideal to use in my yard since I can’t seem to figure out the tree thing.

I wonder how much energy I will save by washing a couple more loads a week in cold AND hanging more out to dry?

I’m sure it will be noticeable on our electric bill. I hope so.

My Natural Gas usage and my PGE Electric usage is at the top of this sheet (I can't figure out how to move it down here ugh).
I'm hoping to compare these again in a few months and see a noticable difference!!

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