Friday, August 1, 2008

Accidentally Frugal

In the last year, things have really changed for me financially.
Mostly due to the 1000$/mo daycare bill that I now have! Thanks to the little bundle of joy that arrived in July 2007. The same bundle that is sitting on the floor tearing up a Red Plum coupon insert and hopefully not eating it...

So where I & the fiance used to run off for dinner all the time, and the girls at Nordstrom knew me by sight...we now have quiet dinners in, and yard sales.

This has been a tough adjustment for me and I am still struggling to get my finances under control.

There are also other mitigating factors like the fact that I want to be a stay at home mom. I also want to live in the country. I also want that new Prada purse that I saw on And am currently drooling over a 50" Panasonic 1080p HDTV. SIGH!!

When you factor in that I drive a Saab that gets 22 mpg on a good day. And live in a house that needs a new roof, doors, windows, carpet, furnace, kitchen, bathroom...ahh face house needs a new house! I have a lot of scheming to do if I am going to do anything I want to...and be able to pay NW Natural Gas this winter.

This is where my blog comes in. I figure that by writing things down that it will make it easier to live up to them. I'll also have witnesses (you, dear reader). Hehe.

I have a list of things that I am doing to save money. Hopefully some of these will help you too. If I missed anything, let me know!


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